Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 23

Happy Friday!!

Stripey Blanket There are photos of the first and second stitches.
My Community The markers arrived to the 3rd person safely. Come take a look at the photos. FeistyMuse, hope your daughter is better.
Canada Take a look at your new photos. Your markers are on the 2cnd part of their journey.
Hawaii Take a peak at your first photo.
Montana Your markers are on their 2cnd journey. Your markers are currently on a road trip.
Michigan The markers are ready to be passed on, and your first project is finished. Peak at the photo.
Pennsylvania Due to an injury your markers have been passed on. Gargoyles can be quite dangerous.
Oregon There is a photo of your first project in progress. The markers are now starting their 2cnd journey.
Iowa Your first project was finished.
Maine Wow I love all the field trip photos. You have a very beautiful first project as well.

Hey everyone, what ideas do you have for creating a passport for your markers?

Take care.

Trying out Etsy now []

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