Monday, May 11, 2009

May 9..... Sorry

Wow two weeks have gone by!! Sorry for not doing an update sooner. Here we go. There are new sets of markers. I added some lampwork glass as well. I am trying out Etsy. []

Arkansas: There are some beautiful photos and a nice story. This particular set of markers will no longer travel. If you know some one in Arkansas who would like to play... please direct them to our group.
Oregon: Your markers have changed hands, and are starting their new journey.
Alabama: The markers have arrived, and are starting the first leg of their journey.
Connecticut: The markers are ready to travel on. They have attended a state event, and helped with a couple of projects. There are links.
North Carolina: The markers, have help with a project, and are moving on within a local snb
Kansas: They are ready to move on. If someone from Kansas doesn't reply within the next couple of days they will go to the next person on the me next list
Wisconsin: They are going start a new leg of the journey. Sounds like a fun place to change hands! Looking forward to photos
Rock Candy: These markers have traveled to a quilting? festival. There is a link.
Maine: The markers have changed hands. There are photos.

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