Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mystery Knit Along Wk 4

Welcome to week 4!!! We are almost done. Sort of.

Dec Rnd: K2tog, knit till you have 2 stitches before your next stitch marker, K2tog, slip your stitch marker to your right needle, K2tog. knit till you have 2 stitches left of round, K2tog

Now we decrease.
With felting yarn only, work 1 dec rnd. Work 1 knit rnd. Work one dec rnd. Work 1 knit round.
Work one dec rnd. Work one knit round. Adding any eyelash yarn Work 1 Dec rnd. With main yarn only, Knit 3 rnds, then bind off.

Lay your purse out, like pictured in the first photo. *You will notice that the decreases are on the sides the purse.
If you had left over yarn from casting on, you can start sewing the bottom of your bag with it just working your way across. If you didn't have extra from your cast on, cut a length of your felting yarn and start sewing the bottom of your bag. Start from the begining of your cast on, finishing on the other decrease side.

I sew the bottom of my bag with ladder stitch (shown above). Whip stitch works just as well

Flip your bag inside out... if it isn't already.

Lay your bag upside down. Flatten the bottom, it will form a triangle on both dec sides of the bag.
Sew a running stitch across these triangles as shown left. Sew the running stitch anywhere from an 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" in from the tip of the points.

This will give your bag a flat bottom.

Weave in any super long ends if you wish. Flip the bag right side out again. Use a crochet hook to pull flagged yarns through to the outside. weave in your bind off yarn.
Now place your bag in the washing machine. Some people put their bags in an old pillow case, to protect the washing machine. put in a cap full of dishwashing liquid. You only need a little. Wash it in a hot cycle. If you have a top loader you can keeping checking on your purse and pull it out when you like it. I personally have a front loader... and have to wait for the full cycle to be over. I washed my bag twice, in two quick cycles. After removing it from your washer stuff your purse to your desired shape, as I have done below. I stuff them with old grocery bags. I have seen them stuffed with newspaper too, but I would want to risk staining the inside with newsprint. We will finish with more finishing instructions next week... get your ribbons and your handles ready :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mystery Knit Along Wk 3

Happy Monday!!!!!!
Congrats to our 5 winners from last week. Winners please email me with your address if you have not done so yet :)

Here is week 3 instruction to our first mystery knit along. Remember we are holding our felting yarn throughout.
Cut the first eyelash yarn, and continue knitting with the second eyelash yarn for 6 rows. Add your 3rd eyelash yarn, and knit 1 row. Cut your 2cnd eyelash yarn, and knit 3 more rows.
Cut your 3rd eyelash yarn.

Now add your 1st eyelash yarn and your flagged or boa yarn. Knit 1 row. Cut your 1st eyelash yarn, and continue knitting 1 more row with your flagged or boa yarn. Cut your flagged yarn. Knit two rows holding your felting yarn only. Next week we will finish the knitting portion of this project. The first photo is our project up to this point. Start looking through your stash for your novelty ribbon yarns. The other two photos are the yarns I will be using in our finishing. You can get creative here, If you have trim or even other fabric ribbons we can use those.
Hope you are enjoying this project :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Contest Day!!

Here is how it will work. I am going to ask 5 questions. You may only answer 1 question. This way we will have 5 different winners. The first answer to each question wins. Answer in the comment section of this blog. Write the question #, then the answer.
This way you can see what questions have already been answered .

Winners email me your address.
1. Shawshank Redemption: What kind of animal was Brooks pet? Nalamienea answered and won this question.

2: Gone With The Wind: What did Scarlett and Rhett name their daughter? Tracy answered and won this question...

3: Dark Crystal: What was the name of Kiras pet? Knit-o-matic wins this question

4: Big Street: Who is the leading actress in this film? Linda wins this question

5: French Kiss: Who is the leading actor of this film? Vickie answered and won this question

Good luck all!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mystery Knit Along Wk 2

Week 2 instructions:

Welcome back, I hope you are having fun :)

For this week we will be using our base yarn (you are already using it), and 2 eyelash yarns.

Note: Your base (felting) yarn will be used throughout the whole project. When adding a yarn, just hold the new yarn together with your old yarn. Wrap it the same way would would for working with one yarn.

Knit another 2 inches of your project. Add your first eyelash, and knit 3 rounds. Now add your 2nd eyelash yarn and knit one round. At this point you are knitting with your first yarn, and both eyelash yarns.

This concludes this weeks instruction. For next week have one more eyelash yarn, and a flagged .. or boa yarn.

Remember to come back on the 16th... I will be asking five trivia questions. For prizes.

Thank you

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mystery Knit Along Wk 1

Remember to tune in 7/16 for the questions of the contest.
You can post pictures of your projects here
Are your needles ready? ; )

A few notes on my materials before we begin. My needles are a size U.S. 11 -16" circular needle. You could easily use a 24" circular as well. I found some Angora Super from Anny Blatt left in my stash so I am using that. It also felts beautifully. You can use any yarn that felts. If It is less than worsted weight, you will be working with it doubled.

Cast on 100 stitches loosely. Now here is where you have to be careful. Join these stitches, by knitting into the first stitch you casted on. *** make sure the cast on is not twisted before you do this. The easiest way is by keeping the knotted edge of your cast on is on the inside of your circulars, like the first photo shown.

The second photo is me knitting into the first stitch I casted on.

Knit one round, then place a stitch marker before your first stitch on round 2. Knit 50 stitches, then place your second stitch marker. Continue knitting around, until you have 3 inches. Make sure when your knitting is at rest you slide your stitches towards the back of your circulars

Note: If you are using a 24" circular, the first row will be tight knitting on, but will loosen up signifigantly by your third row.

This week choose an eyelash yarn ... We will be using it in next weeks instructions

contact me if any of this is unclear