Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Stories Added

You may have noticed a thread called Charities in our little group. Check it out. There will be 3 sets of markers traveling for charity purposes only. These sets will be mail only. These sets should be moving pretty quickly. You may sign up for all of them if you wish.

Now for your stories:)
Canada There are some great photos of your first project. There has been a lot of activity in your thread. P.S. creativity Thank you for posting threads in some of your other groups about us.
Georgia Your markers have taken a little field trip, ouchy!

Kentucky Your markers are starting on their 3rd journey. Check out the pictures of your first field trip.

Rhode Island Your 1st story has begun

North Dakota Your first story has begun. Hope the weather your way is better soon. Emptyknitster thank you for the weather report :)

Montana Your first project is being carefully inspected, just to make sure it is purrfect

Maryland Your first story has had a sad beginning. As the markers travel through our hands. We will all be at different points in our lives. Some of us will be experiencing sorrow, love, joy, pain. I hope we can all be touched and humbled by others, whose lives we may otherwise have never known.

Thank You all for participating in this little project. I hope it brings you a little joy.

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