Friday, April 10, 2009

April 10

Hello. Happy Easter!!
Down to business.
My Community This charity line of markers have already started their journey. There is one finished object with photos, and has already changed hands. There are photos of these traveling markers, in the thread. They are singles check them out.
Stripey Blanket This is going to be a fun project, and a quick moving set. Each person only adds anywhere from two rows, to 6 1/2". So if you haven't received markers yet, you may want to put yourself on the list, in this thread. The first 2 yarns are on the blanket. The blanket is on it's second leg of it's journey. There are photos of these markers as well.
Tennessee Your markers first journey have had quite a bit of excitement. Check out the begining of your story.
Montana Your first project is complete with photos. The markers have been passed on.
North Dakota You have a finished object, with photo.
New York I am glad your husband was okay. I suggest everyone read this thread. Glassneedle has a very cute Idea. I want to know what you all think of it. I am interested in what she comes up with.


  1. Great job Heather with the Traveling Stitch Marker group. I'm soo pleased to be involved with it!

  2. Thank You so much for joining in. I am really excited about the stories and photos that are developing.