Friday, April 17, 2009

April 17

Good morning!!! Lets get to it :)
Utah Your markers are out of the country.. on vacation.
Me next Please The lagoon set is traveling. I will be contacting and sending out a couple more mail sets next week. This list should be moving pretty quickly soon.
California The markers have been on the move. They have been received, and is starting the next leg of the journey.
Connecticuit Your markers have switched hands.
Nevada There is a photo of your markers if you are curious. Your markers are starting on the new leg of its journey
Montana Your markers are starting on a road trip.
Tennessee Your markers have had quite an eventful first journey. They are in the process of being transferred
My Community I second charity item has been completed and the markers are in transit.
Stripey Blanket The second yarn has been added, and the blanket is going to travel again. There is a link of the new stitch that has been added.

I haven't posted about the business in a while . I created 3 new singles. They are extremely limited. There are only a few of each.

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