Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stories Update

Hello everyone. There is an update of Stories Of The Traveling Stitch Markers at the bottom of this blog.

Mystery Knit Along

We will be starting a mystery knit along on July 6 2009. Every Monday starting the 6th, I will be giving instructions for the following week. The will be no more than 1 hour worth of work a week. The group http://www.ravelry.com/groups/cliodhna on Ravelry will have a thread called Mystery Knit Along. There we can show our progress. Feel free to join in. The first materials you will need is 100% wool (must be able to felt) "Natwolle" from muench is good, "Fishermans wool" from Lion brand is also good. You will need 200 yards. Make sure not to use wool that is bleached white. You will need a size 11 U.S. circular needle.. not longer than 24", and 2 stitch markers.

Stories Of The Traveling Stitch Markers

I know it has been awhile. I will try to be better. I will just run thru the states that have had recent activity.

By Mail Rock candy: In it's first part of the Journey. A photo has been added of their very first project.

Stripey Blanket: These markers are on their 5th journey. They have been in CA, TN, MASS, NY,OK there are 13 photos in this thread.

California: The markers are on their third journey. There are 6 photos so far.

Alabama: These markers are on the second part of their journey. There are 3 photos so far.

Oregon: These markers are on the second part of their journey. There are 3 photos in this thread.

Canada: These markers are on their fourth journey. This thread has really taken on a life of its own. There are a couple of really great women that are organizing and moderating. Thank You!!
There are 21 photos in this thread. Field trip photos included.

North Dakota: They are on the 5th leg of their journey, there are 7 photos so far. Field trip photos too.

Montana: These markers are on the 3rd part of their journey. There are two photos.

Texas: The markers are on their second part of the journey. There are two photos.

Virginia: The markers are on their 3rd journey. There 34 photos.. Along with field trip photos.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Getting Excited

I am getting very excited about the contest!!! I will share a little now about how it will work exactly. On July 16, I will post 5 movie questions. Each question will have a corresponding prize. The first answer to each question will get that prize, but you may only win one prize. To answer the questions, click on comment.. below the blog, and leave your answer there. This way you can see what questions have already been answered, and choose a different question to answer. The names of the movies are hidden in my Etsy store if you want to prepare. :)

I did decide to start a group on Ravelry called Cliodhna. http://www.ravelry.com/groups/cliodhna I thought that we can all share photos, ideas, and do KALs

Speaking of knit alongs, I started a thread in the cliodhna ravelry group for the entrelac, if you would like to join in. If you don't have the pattern already, please email me your personal email address.

The photo to the right is the group thumbnail image. OOPS The photo traveled up

I do want to start a mystery KAL . The knitting time of this project is about four hours, so it isn't a huge time commitment. I wan't to break it up over 4-5 weeks. I you have bits ands pieces of novelty yarns, it will be very inexpensive. It is a great gift too if you are trying to start on those Christmas gifts early. I would like to start The first week of July. I just thought it would be fun to do a knit along, where you have no clue what you are making ; ). All I can say is trust me it is a cute project!!! I will start a thread called Mystery knit along.. check in there if you want to join.

In the next day or so I will edit this blog to include any updates to Stories of the traveling stitch markers... Baby boy is upset... Take care

Monday, June 8, 2009

A new blog

To start this new series of blog I am having a contest :)

On July 16, I will ask 5 trivia questions. The first people to answer correctly will get prizes. More information comming soon. Each person can only win one prize. So five of you will be receiving prizes. The prizes are from my etsy store. First Prize is a surprise, but sets of stitch markers, and hand spun yarn are among the prizes. Feel free to take a look.

I would like to focus on a project in each blog. Our first project is the not so scrappy entrelac blanket. This has been an ongoing project. It is worked on a size U.S. 11 needle. 1/2 the yarn is
a solid colored yarn I used Karabella Super Yak. The other half is Saisons a L'Atelier yarn. The second yarn is a hand tied yarn. You can get the effect by hand knotting your stash yarns at 1 yard intervals.
This pattern will be available anytime after June 12. If you are familiar with entrelac, your base triangles are 90 stitches. I would love to see and share photos of your not so scrappy entrelacs. Or your variations of any entrelac. Feel free to post photos in the comments. :) If you follow my blog I will email you the pattern free.

Shop Talk

Not much going on this week. Any orders of three items or more will receive 25% off your entire purchase, or free shipping, (which ever is more) through June 15th. I will refund the difference back to you through pay pal within 24 hours.

I am updating color availability on my handspun....as fast as my fingers can spin it.

Stories Of The Traveling Stitch Markers
this is a group on Ravelry, check us out!! You are more than welcome to join in the fun.

I will be updating state info in my next blog.
Thank you all

Please leave your comments and ideas.... I would love to make this a better blog!!!!


A new type of blog

Stay tuned by this time tomorrow I will have a new blog. I am changing some stuff. I will keep updates of what states to check, but I will also have an occasional free pattern, scrap ideas... etc. So watch for tomorrows blog. Info on how to get a free pattern will be there!!!!