Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yarn Give Away

Thank you all for continuing to read my blog.  I hoped you liked this project.  Sadly this blanket will be completed in the next post.  If you liked the color combination Please read my next post titled Completing The Afghan.  At the close of my next post, I will run a contest.  The winner will receive the rest of  the afghan yarn.  There will be a large amount.  Here is how it will work.

 300 yards will be reserved.. divided evenly among the yarns I used (for a matching teddy).  This is a blanket for my little guy.  Then I will hank all partial skeins (so yardage can be determined).  At the end of the next post there will be a couple photos of all the yarn someone will win.  To enter the contest simply post a response to the blog guessing how much yardage (you can guess in yards or meters)  there is in the photos.  The person that guesses the amount of yardage closest, gets all the yarn.  I will take responses while the teddy is being knit (should be about 10 days)  When the teddy is finished, I will post a photo of him, and announce the winner.  

Note:  Additionally a few full skeins will be sent to the winner.  These skeins were intended to go into the blanket but I ultimately decided against them.. The full skeins will also be included in the photos so you can calculate that yardage into your guesses.

Good Luck!!!


  1. This blanket is gorgeous! I love the complementing colors and mix of textures! I never would have thought of putting it all together like that, but it has such charm. I'm very impressed.

  2. What a creative mix of stitches, yarn texture and color. The blanket is sure to be a treasured keepsake for years to come. What a lucky little guy you Son is to have a Mother put so much time and love into a special "blankie" just for him.

  3. Okay here is my best guess on the leftover yarn yardage. 3538 yards of yarn.