Sunday, April 4, 2010

Completing The Afghan

Today the contest begins.  At the bottom of this blog there will be a photo of my left over yarn.  If you would like it, post a comment stating how much yarn you think there is.  You can guess in yards or meters.  The person who guesses closest wins!  I will announce the yardage, and winner in my next blog.  April 15.

Yarn 29:Smooth
Second Treasury of knitting patterns.

Yarn 30: Ribbon                                      Yarn 31: Slightly textured
Anny Blatt Victoria                                   Seed Stitch
2 rows Reverse stockinette

Yarn 32: Smooth                                        Yarn 33: Smooth
2 rows Garter                                             Baby Alpaca
                                                                   Second treasury of Knitting

Yarn 34: Ribbon                                  Yarn 35: Trendsetter
Linen Stitch                                           a ruffle yarn, 1 row stockinette

Yarn 36: Arabesque (Trendsetter)         Yarn 37: Smooth
Stockinette                                            Stockinette
Yarn 38: 1 strand arabesque, 1 strand eyelash
2 rows reverse Stockinette

Yarn 39: Smooth                                      Yarn 40: Baby Alpaca
Knit 3 Purl 5 rib                                        Stockinette

Yarn 41: Smooth                                      Yarn 42: Eyelash
2 rows reverse stockinette                         2 rows reverse stockinette

Yarn 43: Slightly textured
Stockinette, then bind off!!!

All done yea!!

Now here are the photos of the yarn that will be given away.  To enter the contest, post much much yardage you think there is in the photos.  I will announce the winner on the 15th of April.  Good luck to you all.  


  1. 1350 yards. lol I'm so bad at these games. I love your blanket, though! :)

  2. This blanket is incredible! I am guessing 2250 yards, although I have no clue.

  3. 3800 yards...? Love the blanket! What a creative way to combine textures and colors.

  4. 3500 yards....? The blanket is gorgeous. I agree with Heide very creative use of textures and color.

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  6. 4087 yards. The blanket is lovely.

    LittleP3 on Ravelry

  7. Laurie said
    4321 the blankie

  8. I'm not too good at posting Marlib7 is on ravelry

  9. I'm guessing it's 2100 yds. :)

  10. It's like counting the jelly beans in a jar! I'm always WAY off. But here goes anyways ... 4400 yards total.

    Absolutely GORGEOUS blanket, by the way! But I think I already mentioned that on Yarnaholics. ;o)

    Anny Blatt ... yummy!

  11. What a gorgeous blanket! I'll guess 4550 yards!
    Sugarmagknowya of Ravelry