Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yarns 15 Thru 28

I wanted to start today's blog with a quick notes.

First I want to mention something you might have noticed already.  I tend to have thick and thin sections.  This is an intentional decision I make as I go along.  I do this because I think is makes the afghan more appealing, and more textured to look at.  I often decide this as I go, if I have a couple of wide bands I will add a small band or two.  The only exception is furry or flagged yarns, when I only do 2-4 rows at most.  The reason for this is that a little fur adds a nice texture, a lot will often be too much.  The nice thing about doing this is that you can use the same furry yarn a few times in the afghan.  

The other thing I wanted to mention is choosing the next stitch.  The placement of my yarns have already been decided.  I will start with the simplest..Furry or flagged are always reverse stockinette.  Slightly textured yarns are very simple (non-detailed) patterns such as stockinette, garter, seed, or ribs.  Smooth yarns are the only yarns I give much thought to for stitches.  When my next yarn is smooth I look at my entire piece.  I pay attention to the last several stitches that have been completed, if they have a vertical feel like cables, ribbing, or stockinette.. I usually look for patterns that have a horizontal, squared  or diagonal feel.  I like changing the textures often, to keep your eyes moving along the peice, rather than getting drawn in to any particular area. 

Yarn 15
Slightly textured (175 stitches)
after completing the color change row (knit if RS is facing, purl if WS is facing) 
3 rows of garter stitch

Yarn 16 and 18  (it frames yarn 17 nicely)
Muget (Anny Blatt)-doubled
Stockinette stitch  4 rows

Yarn 17
Super Angora (Anny Blatt)- doubled 
175 stitches
Stockinette this time I went till I ran out of this yarn - 14 rows

  Yarn 19
Wool Ease (Lion Brand) doubled
I used one strand each of two different heathered brown colors
Pie Crust Basketweave (Vogue Knitting Stichtionary)  Multiple of 8+10  (178 stitches)
Yarn 20
1 Strand muget, 1 strand papi, 1 stand scarce eyelash
two rows garter stitch

Yarn 21
smooth  (Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns)
Slip-Cross Open Cable  180 stitches

Yarn 22
Muget doubled 180 stitches
3 rows reverse stiockinettes

Yarn 23
Seduce doubled 180 stitches
stockinette stitch

Yarn 24
textured with spares eyelash 180
2 rows one is color change row, the othe reverse stockinette

Yarn 25
Fine Kid (Anny Blatt)
180 stitches  stockinette

Yarn 26
Smooth 170
Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns (corded stitch)

Yarn 27
Ribbon, 175 linen stitch 2 rows

Yarn 28
Victoria (Anny Blatt) doubled
175 2 rows reverse stockinette

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