Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 23

Happy Friday!!

Stripey Blanket There are photos of the first and second stitches.
My Community The markers arrived to the 3rd person safely. Come take a look at the photos. FeistyMuse, hope your daughter is better.
Canada Take a look at your new photos. Your markers are on the 2cnd part of their journey.
Hawaii Take a peak at your first photo.
Montana Your markers are on their 2cnd journey. Your markers are currently on a road trip.
Michigan The markers are ready to be passed on, and your first project is finished. Peak at the photo.
Pennsylvania Due to an injury your markers have been passed on. Gargoyles can be quite dangerous.
Oregon There is a photo of your first project in progress. The markers are now starting their 2cnd journey.
Iowa Your first project was finished.
Maine Wow I love all the field trip photos. You have a very beautiful first project as well.

Hey everyone, what ideas do you have for creating a passport for your markers?

Take care.

Trying out Etsy now []

Friday, April 17, 2009

April 17

Good morning!!! Lets get to it :)
Utah Your markers are out of the country.. on vacation.
Me next Please The lagoon set is traveling. I will be contacting and sending out a couple more mail sets next week. This list should be moving pretty quickly soon.
California The markers have been on the move. They have been received, and is starting the next leg of the journey.
Connecticuit Your markers have switched hands.
Nevada There is a photo of your markers if you are curious. Your markers are starting on the new leg of its journey
Montana Your markers are starting on a road trip.
Tennessee Your markers have had quite an eventful first journey. They are in the process of being transferred
My Community I second charity item has been completed and the markers are in transit.
Stripey Blanket The second yarn has been added, and the blanket is going to travel again. There is a link of the new stitch that has been added.

I haven't posted about the business in a while . I created 3 new singles. They are extremely limited. There are only a few of each.

Friday, April 10, 2009

April 10

Hello. Happy Easter!!
Down to business.
My Community This charity line of markers have already started their journey. There is one finished object with photos, and has already changed hands. There are photos of these traveling markers, in the thread. They are singles check them out.
Stripey Blanket This is going to be a fun project, and a quick moving set. Each person only adds anywhere from two rows, to 6 1/2". So if you haven't received markers yet, you may want to put yourself on the list, in this thread. The first 2 yarns are on the blanket. The blanket is on it's second leg of it's journey. There are photos of these markers as well.
Tennessee Your markers first journey have had quite a bit of excitement. Check out the begining of your story.
Montana Your first project is complete with photos. The markers have been passed on.
North Dakota You have a finished object, with photo.
New York I am glad your husband was okay. I suggest everyone read this thread. Glassneedle has a very cute Idea. I want to know what you all think of it. I am interested in what she comes up with.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Stories Added

You may have noticed a thread called Charities in our little group. Check it out. There will be 3 sets of markers traveling for charity purposes only. These sets will be mail only. These sets should be moving pretty quickly. You may sign up for all of them if you wish.

Now for your stories:)
Canada There are some great photos of your first project. There has been a lot of activity in your thread. P.S. creativity Thank you for posting threads in some of your other groups about us.
Georgia Your markers have taken a little field trip, ouchy!

Kentucky Your markers are starting on their 3rd journey. Check out the pictures of your first field trip.

Rhode Island Your 1st story has begun

North Dakota Your first story has begun. Hope the weather your way is better soon. Emptyknitster thank you for the weather report :)

Montana Your first project is being carefully inspected, just to make sure it is purrfect

Maryland Your first story has had a sad beginning. As the markers travel through our hands. We will all be at different points in our lives. Some of us will be experiencing sorrow, love, joy, pain. I hope we can all be touched and humbled by others, whose lives we may otherwise have never known.

Thank You all for participating in this little project. I hope it brings you a little joy.