Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mystery Knit Along #2 Week #1

Mystery Knit Along #2

This pattern is provided by another talented designer. Next Monday after giving the next instructions, I will share some beautiful photos of more designs she created.

YARN: Thick and Quick in color of
your choice or other yarn of the same
super bulky weight. You need 2 skeins
of yarn.
TOOLS: Size US 15 16” circular needles
Yarn needle
Pom pom maker or something to
make pom poms
4 Size US 15 Double pointed needles
Sizes: 1-2 years

Using 2 of the double pointed needles, co 2
st and work in garter stitch.
1. knit into the front and back of the first stitch and knit 1 stitch (3 st)
2. knit all st (repeat for all even rows)
3. k in front and back of first st, k 1 st, knit in front and back of last stitch (5 st)
4. repeat row 2
5. repeat pattern of row 3, k in front and back of first and last st of this row (7 st)
K all rows (garter st) for 40 rows and leave on one dbl pointed needle and set aside.

Make one more of these and set aside.

I followed these instructions exactly. I made no allowances for using a size 13 needle.


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