Monday, August 17, 2009

Mystery crochet Along #1 Showcase

We just finished our first crochet along. The pattern's name is Bobby blue, and was shared with us by Amy. She is a designer that sells her patterns on Etsy. Amy's shop is called Melbangel Crafts. You can also find her on Ravelry as melbangel. Here is her store link.

After telling you a bit about her, I will share my plans with these cute little guys we made these past two weeks... Very cool! Your kids will love them.

Amy has been crocheting for 6 years. She also enjoys knitting, making plush fabric, cross stitching, quilting, and plastic canvas.

Amy believes that crafting is a never ending learning process, and that passion
and patience are key. Amy has been designing for 3 years now. I have included some photos of some patterns she sells in her Etsy shop. Her patterns start at $2.50. There are 76 items for sale in her shop. My fave is the banana split. Just looking at it makes me hungry. ;) She has a great variety of fun stuff.

***Bobby Blue Remake. Do you remember that old carnival game where you try to knock over stuffed creatures with bean bags? This pattern is just perfect for that!!! But you can have sooo much fun with the different colors you can make them with to customize them.

I did them in two tone colors, but there are many options. You can make a little figure for each person in your family. You can make holiday ones. For Halloween make Frankenstien, a ghost, a jackolantern, or just in Halloween colors, etc... Christmas.. Make Frosty, Santa, or just red -white - and green combos. Or make this a fun thing to make and give a new one each holiday to add to the collection. Embroidery thread is stiff enough to be sturdy, has many colors, and will cost between $2-2.36 for each little guy. I am pretty busy but I do hope to make some holiday critters with the bobby blue pattern we just used. My little girl is horrified that I created little bean bags to knock them over, hopefully I can convince her to give it a try.. But she wants to use the mini bean bags as pillows for them to sit on.

I will put the patterns I wrote for the bean bags, in the page section of our raverly group.
Thank you so much for joining me again in this Mystery Crochet Along.


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