Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mystery Knit Along Wk 5

Here are are on the last week of our first knit along. I hope that you have enjoyed our first project. Now lets give your purse it's finishing touches.

I start by cutting 6"-7 1/2" inch lengths of my thickest, or darkest color ribbon. Using a yarn needle I will thread the ribbon then draw the yarn through a stitch 2-3 rows above the top of your main fur area. I then tie the ribbon just pulled through into a knot, as shown in the first photo.

I tie the other ribbon yarns to the row directly
below the top fur row.

*** Try tying in 2 together for added depth. Or tie in three rows if you have more ribbons.

If you have upholstery trim sew that on. Beaded trim can look amazing. In my cream purse I tied in two rows of two yarns each. Sewing a button on the outside can also be a nice touch. Sew on a purse handle to finished off your purse.

I personally like to sew in a fabric lining, and a snap on the side to keep the purse closed.

For sewing in the lining lay the purse on my fabric, and fold it over the purse. Cut the fabric leaving an inch more of fabric on each side. You will have one long piece of fabric. I fold the fabric in half again and sew up the sides (with the right side of the fabric inside). I fold the top of the fabric down an inch, and iron it to create a crease. I measure the width at the top of the purse. Then sew the fabric at an angle on both sides, and trim the sides of the fabric. I hand piece and sew the lining in by hand. I hope to see all your finished purses. By mid week I will post photos here of my cream bag. Also for every knit/crochet along we do I will be highlighting a store or designer. Sometimes the pattern will be provided by them. I will also post a photo of my very favorite item or two from that store, or designer.

Thank You sooo much for joining me in this knit along.

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