Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mystery Knit Along Wk 4

Welcome to week 4!!! We are almost done. Sort of.

Dec Rnd: K2tog, knit till you have 2 stitches before your next stitch marker, K2tog, slip your stitch marker to your right needle, K2tog. knit till you have 2 stitches left of round, K2tog

Now we decrease.
With felting yarn only, work 1 dec rnd. Work 1 knit rnd. Work one dec rnd. Work 1 knit round.
Work one dec rnd. Work one knit round. Adding any eyelash yarn Work 1 Dec rnd. With main yarn only, Knit 3 rnds, then bind off.

Lay your purse out, like pictured in the first photo. *You will notice that the decreases are on the sides the purse.
If you had left over yarn from casting on, you can start sewing the bottom of your bag with it just working your way across. If you didn't have extra from your cast on, cut a length of your felting yarn and start sewing the bottom of your bag. Start from the begining of your cast on, finishing on the other decrease side.

I sew the bottom of my bag with ladder stitch (shown above). Whip stitch works just as well

Flip your bag inside out... if it isn't already.

Lay your bag upside down. Flatten the bottom, it will form a triangle on both dec sides of the bag.
Sew a running stitch across these triangles as shown left. Sew the running stitch anywhere from an 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" in from the tip of the points.

This will give your bag a flat bottom.

Weave in any super long ends if you wish. Flip the bag right side out again. Use a crochet hook to pull flagged yarns through to the outside. weave in your bind off yarn.
Now place your bag in the washing machine. Some people put their bags in an old pillow case, to protect the washing machine. put in a cap full of dishwashing liquid. You only need a little. Wash it in a hot cycle. If you have a top loader you can keeping checking on your purse and pull it out when you like it. I personally have a front loader... and have to wait for the full cycle to be over. I washed my bag twice, in two quick cycles. After removing it from your washer stuff your purse to your desired shape, as I have done below. I stuff them with old grocery bags. I have seen them stuffed with newspaper too, but I would want to risk staining the inside with newsprint. We will finish with more finishing instructions next week... get your ribbons and your handles ready :)

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