Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hello everyone,  : )
Thank you all for participating in the blog contest!

I the bunny pattern in the photo, is from The Knitted Teddy Bear, from Sandra Polley.  It is the bear on the cover of the book, I will discuss what changes I made below.

The winner of the yardage contest was lil bean,   She guessed 2100 yards.  The actual yardage was 1,993 yards.   I hope that you can make something nice with the yarn!

This bunny's pattern name is Thomas.  I made 300 yards of yarn by using 1 yard increments from the left over yarn from the blanket.  I think that this is another fun way to use up stash yarn. I used a size U.S. 2 needle to knit him up.  I followed the bear pattern exactly.  I decided to knit up bunny ears instead, tommorow  I will be updating this blog, to add the ear pattern, and tell you about a type-o in the pattern itself.



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