Monday, September 21, 2009

Mystery Knit Along #3 Week #2

Mystery Knit Along #3 Week #2

Welcome back!!
Not much to this weeks instruction. Just continue on in the same manner till desired length. By now I am sure you have figured out it is a scarf. I am only about half way done, so I will show you the finished photos next week.

I did want to share how I weave in my ends. I hope the photos aren't too confusing. I will put up a better tutorial in our Ravelry group soon. I weave in my ends using duplicate stitch. It is where you follow actual stitches in your knitting, with your yarn needle and yarn.

For a knit stitch you start by bringing your yarn needle up through the base of your stitch as pictured.

You will notice the stitch travels up, over to the left then back down to the base (where you brought your needle up. Now slide your needle under the base of the stitch right above the stitch you are working on now, but on top of the yarn in the stitch you are following.

The yarn now travels back down, where it connects to the yarn below it. You slide your needle into the base of the stitch (where you first brought your needle up), and up through the base of your next stitch to the left.

You continue in this manner. It is much harder to see the body of the stitch in the purl. Feel free to pull on your work a bit the see the stitches better. The duplicate is worked the same way though.

Although you are bringing your needle through horizontal bars up through two, then down through the next two on the left

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