Thursday, July 16, 2009

Contest Day!!

Here is how it will work. I am going to ask 5 questions. You may only answer 1 question. This way we will have 5 different winners. The first answer to each question wins. Answer in the comment section of this blog. Write the question #, then the answer.
This way you can see what questions have already been answered .

Winners email me your address.
1. Shawshank Redemption: What kind of animal was Brooks pet? Nalamienea answered and won this question.

2: Gone With The Wind: What did Scarlett and Rhett name their daughter? Tracy answered and won this question...

3: Dark Crystal: What was the name of Kiras pet? Knit-o-matic wins this question

4: Big Street: Who is the leading actress in this film? Linda wins this question

5: French Kiss: Who is the leading actor of this film? Vickie answered and won this question

Good luck all!!


  1. I actually just recently both read and watched GWTW so I know this one!
    Scarlett and Rhett named their daughter Bonnie Blue!

  2. Oops... that was question #2. I should follow directions better!

  3. Question #5: Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan starred.

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  5. #1 - attempt 2 - Oops! I was thinking of the wrong movie. In Shawshank redemption, Brooks had a BIRD!

  6. #3 - Just a guess cuz I can't really remember, Poppa or Papa or something like that....

    I knew the answers to #2 and #5 If only I had been faster.

  7. Nope it is really random, you may need to watch the movie:)

  8. Woohoo!! I got my prize in the mail yesterday! Love the cute little hanks of yarn... and perfect timing as my knitting group just drew christmas ornament patterns on Wednesday so these will come in handy!