Friday, May 22, 2009

There hasn't been a lot of activity this week. Check out these Threads. Maine, Virginia, Kansas, Texas, and North Dakota.

The lampwork photo on the right is a new set of markers on Etsy

I just had some ads created by Romi on Ravelry. She did an amazing job. She created my Etsy banner, my market listing, and my forum banner
She has time for a couple more if anyone needs her services.

Do you have left over sock yarn? I am starting a sock yarn blanket. I am using Shelly Kang's free pattern (found on Ravelry) It is a fun project. Check out the group Blankie Mania. I decided to use only hand spun yarn though. So I have lots left over. I am offering mini skeins.. to try to help fund this undertaking. These squares are tiny. I start with 31 sts on a U.S. 1 needle. There are lots of mini skein swap on Blankie mania for those of you who have lots of sock blanket yarn left over, and would like to try this project too.

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