Monday, November 30, 2009

Gingerbread Fun!

My family had a gingerbread contest on Thanksgiving. It was very fun! Everyone had very different gingerbread creations, and it was very hard to choose a winner. Here were the rules.
1: a premade gingerbread house that we provided had to be incoporated somehow.
2: Everything had to be edible.. except mechanical devices such as lights, and hinges etc..
3: All decorating had to be done on Thanksgiving evening when we were all together.

Here is a photo of each of the houses. From last place to first. P.S. all photos can be enlarged (alot) by clicking on them.

6th place: Uncle Mike... He was talking some serious game, but due to gingerbread malfunctions, could not complete his house. He decided to lend a helping hand to the rest of us contestants, but he is already plotting for next year. : )

5th place: Genevieve, and Ariana. They made a spooky gingerbread house, if you look closely you will see a little grave, some bones, and a couple of ghosts. Their house also had a blacklight shining on it for effect, and some dry ice (fog)
5th place: Mom, and I were going with a north pole theme. If you look closely you will see a polar bear, Penguins, and a snowman. We did not have enough time to finish. If I decide to finish it I will post Pictures on my next blog. 3rd Place: Eric and Amber. They were making an excavation site that they have been to in Egypt. there is a pyramid, an Obilisk, a caved in builing and an intact building. Cute little Gummy bears were their workers.2cnd place: Rob, Leanne, Matt, and Katie also did a nothpole theme. There are street lamps that light up in this cute village. There are alot of buildings, and people. Very cute : )

1st place: Jeffrey and Kellie went with an under the sea theme. They had an Octopus as Santa, and they are the mermaid, and merman. The mermaid has a pregnant belly, like my sister.


  1. What a great family tradition! I think it's wonderful that you have so many people in your family that participate in this!

  2. Thank You so much!!!
    I think that we will be doing it again next year, though I thought it might be fun to have an online version as well. Maybe find a fun small prize.